Playing with the mind

Feeling “shiok” about “imagining” myself injuried, and bad things happen to myself. These are all that I felt “good” about when I started to imagine in my mind…

I did not think it was bad. I just sat down and “meditated” on the wrong harmful things. Self pity.

All these happened before I went to New Creation Cburch (NCC). I backslided for 5 years.

After I came back to Christ, and went to NCC, I was able to stay not so deep in sorrow, as i was going through a loved one’s death.  Not only that, after that season, I felt joyful once again. Joyful that is deep within, that only the Holy Spirit could give me.

I did not remember about my “hobby” of  playing with my mind in “imagining” bad things about myself, and feel “shiok” about it. Until one day, after been in NCC for months, Holy Spirit prompted me that I am no longer been “hooked” in meditating on the wrong thing.

Of course..i was shocked! I forgot totally about this. So i tried “meditating” on it to see if I will still feel “shiok” and amazingly…by God’s grace, I no longer feel any “shiokness in indulging into self pity!

I feel so blessed and joyful that this is no longer what I have to go through to feel shiok!

Praise Jesus! Jesus has transformed me so effortlessly that I did not even realised until He prompted and reminded me!

My mind is transformed and will only meditate on Jesus’ goodness, grace and love for me! My mind belong to Christ and not the devil.

Praise Jesus and those who are reading know that indulging in self pity and feel happy about it is NOT NATURAL!

Jesus is the LOVE and GRACE in my life!

A Praise Report written on November 12, 2013 in

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