Testimony of Sushil Patil & family

At the age of 18, in the year 2005 I moved to a place called Pune for my higher education. I was very excited to be away as I had always dream of freedom and independence. Since childhood I felt as if I'm given least importance and last priority, so this phase of mine...

JESUS rescues the ‘homeless’ couple

From left: Roger, the young man, his dad, Jane Thank GOD for saving our day... oops I mean night... when we arrived almost 'homeless' near midnight at Jiufen, Taipei, Taiwan on 6th January 2017As usual, we booked our hotel through Agoda before our recent trip to...

Protected from harm

Praise Jesus! Both Alvin and me were in this bus! Praise Jesus for His shield of protection for us! We were in the bus, and suddenly the big bang happened. We did not know what happened and all were thrown all over the place. Both Alvin and I were standing and we were...

The Mind

The Mind

Playing with the mind Feeling “shiok” about “imagining” myself injuried, and bad things happen to myself. These are all that I felt “good” about when I started to imagine in my mind… I did not think it was bad. I just sat down and “meditated” on the wrong harmful...

Latest Sermon Notes

English Sermon Notes

English Sermon Notes

English Sermon Note Pastor Prince One Word from God will change your life. Listen to the rehema word of God. Not man’s word, but God’s Word They overcame satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of the testimonies. While waiting for your turn to see doctor, go...

Chinese Sermon Notes

Chinese Sermon Notes

Chinese Sermon Note Pastor Mark Although we are separated physically, but our Lord is always with us. His Word is spirit and life. Let His Word be planted in your heart. There is harvest for what you plant in your heart. Whatever seeds you plant you will expect the...

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