Sermon Note

Pastor Prince

You are all part of God’s dream. God chooses things that are weak and small to put to great things

Seemingly insignificant shepherd boy, his secret was taught in the school of God. Time with God is never wasted time

Spend time with the Lord, whatever time is extended or multiplied back to you in the days to come.

It is never wasted time for the things of the Lord

Sense His presence and let Him come.

You will hear the still small voice speaking to you

There is a hurry sickness. Heart problem, mental health issue.

We are created by God to do move in His rhythm

God is never in a hurry.

Move in the rhythm of grace

You are afraid you don’t have time

When you are in love you never think of the time

Go by to your first love, the things you enjoyed with the Lord

Simple and humble heart.

Find a word that the Lord is speaking to you

Spend time looking at the Lord. Meditate at how great He is.

Jehovah, the God of Israel

The Lord of Host

Host is an army host. Host of angelic host

The battle is the Lord’s

Receive what the Lord achieved for us.

David was more conscious of the Lord

What God is looking for is faith in Him

Angel of the Lord is an angel

Sometime The Angel of the Lord refers to preincarnate of Christ

Secret can mean wonderful

Faith has the best reasoning in the world

God wants us to reason from His perspective towards men

Everything is working out of the counsel of His will

Who is He who has the power to condemn us? He died for us. Will He condemn us when He is for us?

If God is for us, who can be against us?

The word “if” is the word “since”

Since God is for us, who can be against us?

Who – also can mean what

What, who can be successfully against us

Repetition is the killer, you are asking for fear to take control of your heart when you keep watching the news.

Spend time with God

Reason from faith

If God has justified us, will He kill us now?

You need to wait on the Lord sometime and realised you are nothing

John 3:27

John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.

Build your house. Don’t use your energy to destroy other people

David was a greater than Saul

You have not lost the Giver. He will still supply. He will still provide.

David had a sling, a shepherd rod when he was facing giant Goliath. David came to him at the name of the Host

David run away from Saul for a few years

David was hunted down by Saul.

I don’t ask ChatGpt for spiritual things

There seems to be demonic attack on christian women who are conceiving children.

It is God who gives life

Only God can make it happen

The first thing is to pray and ask God for wisdom

God wants our eyes open by the Tree of Life

When you take care of the spiritual, the natural take care of itself

Dangerous days are coming because men are lovers of themselves

All these climate changes can be traced back to men

When men is changed the animal kingdom changes

When we rebel, climate also change

Something you think you break, but it breaks you

By whom He made the universe of the world. He knows how it runs

Worldliness is all that is in the world, the lust of the world

Feeling of rejection is the root cause

Love of the father

Finished work of Jesus, the love of the Father

Father your child with love

Mother’s part is nurture

Be angry and sin not.

The pride of life destroy your happiness and peace

Each of you have an assignment from God

God put us all together

God foresaw we will be born. You are not an accident

Your life is for His purpose. It is not for you to have money and have more money and go to bigger house

Live by your means

Your life is to reflect His glory and His plan

All of you have a call from God

The end of the year, Christmas is coming again

Time is passing you, when are you going to serve the Lord?

God has a gift for everyone

If you save time for yourself, you will lose it.

He that loses for His sake, he will find it

This is a statement of truth

You are not serving the Lord for the praise

Jesus is coming back for us. The devil knows it.

There are seasons you can sense activities

You do things God’s way, you get paid more than the world

There is only one life to live for Christ

If God is for us, who can be against us

If your body is the temple of God, will He take care of His body?

Lose it for the Lord’s sake, you will find it

God does the impossible

Men professing themselves to be wise became fool

On the cross, men gave Jesus sour vinegar wine.

God said to Abraham, take now your son you only son

He bore our sins on the tree

Deliverance is coming. Your champion is coming.

There is yet much land to be possessed

Men and women after God’s hearts. He is looking for you.

God is speaking a lot of things to a lot of people

You can only be holy to the Lord

Look to the Lord more and more

What you desire to do, this is the call you have for your life

Nothing shall be barren.

If there is someone suffering from self condemnation, remove the wrong conception of You. See how You love them. Be healed and be fruitful and multiply in the name of Jesus

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