[Chewing…🤤🙌🏼 Devotional]

My heart has heard 👂 

Wait…i thought is ear hears? 👂 

Our Jesus is so so near to us and He speaks in a gentle whisper to us. He speaks to our heart. 

When you are close to someone, you can whisper loving words to that person and it speaks to his or hear heart. 

So what is Jesus whispering to our heart?

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me”

See 👁 Jesus’ desires to talk with us. He speaks to our heart to come to Him and talk with Him!

I so ℓσνє this…Come and talk with me. 

Talk to Jesus as a Friend. He is the closest Friend we can ever have. He never condemns us. He loves us to everlasting. He loves us with His life. He is always with us and we are never left alone! 

Don’t look for the Lord in big spectacular voice, He loves to speak to us in a still small voice (nearness) To speak in big loud voice means He is far. 

Jesus said Come to Me…all you who labor and are heavy laden. Are you feeling disappointed, sad, stress? Things are not going the way you want it to be? Let Jesus move things the way He wants it to be cos it will surely be good! 

He said come to me…and what will happen?

He will give you rest. 

Rest in the unforced rhythm of grace. 

Darkness flees when light enters. 

Let the still small voice come through your life. 

You are never alone facing your life. 

Jesus and us are one! We are not separated!

Hear Him in your heart ❣ 

(Matt 11:28, 1 Kings 19:12, Psalm 27:13-14)

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