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I wills..look at the numbers of “I will” in Exodus

A groan will reach God’s throne.
Perhaps we are in situation where no more prayers we could pray about it.
Perhaps we are in challenges we are no longer know what to do humanly about it.
Great news! 👏👏
Because Jesus is saying, I will! Let go of trying to do it humanly and let God do it Godly!

Do it in Godly way but letting go and letting God handle!

In the book of Exodus, the children of Israel could no longer pray beautiful prayers. They just groaned. And this groaning reached God’s throne! What did He do about it?

👀 He heard the groaning, He told them He is the Lord! He is the Lord over their situation!
Count how many “I wills” was recorded

He said I will bring you out of the burdens of the Egyptians

Do you have burdens of the world you are trying to handle them yourself? God, our Abba said, I will bring you out of your burdens! Let go and let Jesus take it! His yoke is easy and His burden is light!

He said, i will rescue you from bondage

What bondages are we facing now? Our Abba said He will rescue us from bondage! First, He rescued us from the bondage of sin and alienated from God by sending Jesus Himself to rescue us from the bondage. Now He rescue us from any bondage that is binding us in our lives! 🙌🏼

He said,” I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with great judgement”

Jesus stretched His arms on the cross and cried it is finished! The great judgement of our sins fell upon Jesus and by His stripe, we are healed and redeemed!

He said,” I will take you as My people, and I will be your God”

Jesus Himself made the divine exchange on the cross when He cried,” My God My God why have You forsaken Me” so that now, we can be His people and He can be our God!
Jesus has finished the work and is now sat on the throne at the right hand of God

He said,” I will bring you into the land which I swore to give to Abraham, Issac and Jacob”

We are His new covenant children! God gives us the land flows with milk and honey! He is the One who brings us to our promised land! We are planted by our Lord Himself!

He said,” I will give it to you as heritage”

For all the promises of God are yes and in Him Amen!

Enjoy Him who has made peace through the blood of His cross. He gave Himself as a kaphar – to make an atonement for us all!

(Col 1:19, Exodus 6:5-8, 1 Tim 2:5)
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