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Quench the fiery darts

Sermon note (2nd svc) Jesus has come to give you beauty for your ashes. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. If you have dark thoughts and bad imagination, worship the Lord yourself. Don't let the worship leaders worship for you. Receive from the Lord....
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Praying in tongues

Sermon note (4th svc) Our world today is increasingly dangerous time. We are at the brim. We who are so near to the dangerous area that are right now hot and focus of war, we need to hear the promises of Psalm 91. The world is definitely in dangerous place. We are...
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Beloved, Jesus loves you

(Divine Exchange Video - Copyright New Creation Church Singapore) Sermon note (4th svc) - MegaFest He is in the midst of us and He wants to love...
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Tithe to show Jesus lives

Sermon note (4th svc) - Pastor Prince God's way is for us to receive, trusting Him and while we take holy communion and release our faith. The woman with the issue of blood, she said if i touch His clothes i will be well. The moment she touched, she was made well. Our...
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Jesus the God of compassion

Encounter Night - Pastor Daniel We come to meet the Person. We come to encounter Jesus! In this place tonight there is no old and young generation. It is the young generation and the younger generation. There is glory in your faces. Tonight we are celebrating a God...
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