Set apart


The Lord in the midst

Make a difference

Wow! We are set apart in the land of Goshen!

Goshen – drawing near 😍

God wants us to dwell in the land of Goshen

In the land of drawing near to Him!

He has set us apart from the world! He will make a difference between people of the world and people of His! Wow! We are His!


Where is the “there”

There is the place of nearness!

There He will provide for us!

Our God is not a God of far away!

He is a God of nearness

Jesus said keep through Your name

What is this keep?

Keep – tereo -> 

Attend to carefully

To take care of

To guard

To watch

To preserve

What name?


Our God is a God of nearness and He is our Father! A near and close Father! He is close to us and His desire for us is to be near to Him!

There He will provide😍🔥♥️😘


(John 17:11, Exodus 8:22-23, Genesis 45:10-11)

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