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English Sermon Note

English Sermon Note Pastor Prince Fulfil the call in your life. The time are upon us there will be an inversion of the world in positive side for Singapore Memorise and meditate on Psalm 91 Psalms 91:3 Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from...

Chinese Sermon Note

Chinese Sermon Note Pastor Mark The most important thing in our lives is not external material, but is our mood Once our hearts are guarded, and our hearts are beautiful, our externals also beautiful A lot of diseases happen because of inside when people are troubled....

Let your hope arise

Sermon Note Pastor Lawrence Whatever you are going through, it may be negative circumstances, God is for you. All things work together for you. God is a good God. His mercy (hesed) endures forever. We live in unprecedented time. One unseen virus has brought the entire...

Chinese Sermon Notes

Sermon Note Pastor Mark When we take holy communion, we are getting stronger and stronger. From strength to strength Jesus came and give us life and life more abundantly. We have breakthrough in life because Jesus gives us breakthrough. He is our breakthrough God! We...

English Sermon Note

Sermon Note Pastor Prince Grace is also defined as God working Law can be defined as man working Sin will have no power over me when i am not working (means i am resting) The things of God are so powerful Even Moses at the red sea, God told him to standstill. How can...

Sermon Note

Sermon Note Pastor Prince The signs of the end is in Matthews Famines Locust invasions Financial famines hitting the whole world Diseases These are not caused by God Something glorious something good is coming. Jesus’ return and it will be reign of prosperity and...

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