Under Your wings, we shall rejoice…

Under Your Wings…

Under Your wings..

Under Your wings..
I shall rejoice..

You give shelter to me..
You hide me under Your wings..

Come, My child..
Come under My wings..
This is where you find refuge..
This is where your heart feels warm..
This is where you belong..

Come, My child..
Hide under My wings..
Where you shall find safety..
Where you shall find love..
Full rewards I shall give,
Says of my Lord..
Full rewards you shall receive..

Under My wings..
Come and abide..
Rejoice you shall rejoice..
Under My wings you shall rejoice..

My eyes are never taken away from you
My attention is always full on you, My love..
You are My treasure, My love..
You are My gem..My love..
In you I am well-pleased..

Abide in Me..
I in you..
Fullness of joy you shall receive
In the shadow of Your wings i shall rejoice..

Rejoice O Lord..
You rejoice..
Unto the joy of receiving me..
You came.
To give me beauty for ashes..
To give me oil of joy for mourning
Under Your wings..
I shall abide
And dwell in Your everlasting love

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