S O U R C E of blessing
Who is our Source? Jesus, our Lord. He is our Source of blessing. Joseph did not just see that he will be sinning against man, but he saw that he would sin against God if he goes with his master’s wife. Are we worried if we do not do certain things, things won’t happen the way we want to? That is depending on self-effort.What if we depend on Jesus? When God is with us, we are prosperous ! When God is with us, He can deliver us, give us favor and wisdom and put us at the right place at the right time with the right people!Whose hands are bigger? My hand or Jesus’ ?Unmerited favor from Jesus is favor we do not earn, but bought by Jesus’ blood!How powerful this unmerited favor is, then try to earn favor with our tiny hands?
Enjoy Jesus, depend on Jesus!

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