Sermon note

Pastor Stephanie (Heaven and Earth Ministry)

When we have half law and half grace it is like a veil. It is still a covering and that block our minds from seeing and receiving the Lord

In Abraham’s life when Lot separated from Abraham than God began to speak to Abraham again

Law means self effort

The moment self righteousness is removed we can hear clearly His grace and righteousness

We receive supernatural things of the spirit. Dreams and visions

The people with destiny will receive full grace message and will receive visions and dreams before rapture

Moving from battle to our destiny in Christ

People who want to learn how to be a prophet in Elijah time, they had school of prophets. There were 50 prophets there.

They knew Elijah will be caught up. Only Elisha stuck to Elijah. Elijah told Elisha if he sees him when he caught up he will get what he wants.

He told Elisha what he want. He said he wanted double portion of your anointing and he wants his life to be repeated in his.

The other 50 prophets did not get what Elisha got.

In terms of miracles, Elisha got double of what Elijah had.

Today we follow Jesus. Keep our eyes on Him and not watch from afar.

Today we have the privilege of hearing God

Hear Him from our spiritual eyes and ears.

If we cannot hear is because we are sense focus and did not develop our spirit man.

The real realm we are supposed to live in is supposed to be spiritual realm

It is so hard to by pass our mind for many years we are custom

Some are called. Desire for the spiritual.

We move more into prophetic gifts

Prophesy is one of the gifts that launch you into destiny.

When you see miracles and prophesy, everything is given by God and nothing is from ourselves. If we become proud, we are in self-righteousness. We need to hear 100% grace all the time.

Preach what you hear from the holy spirit

Same holy spirit is leading us.

Being a teacher of the Word, there is greater accountability

Not many of you should become teachers. Teachers are judged by higher standard.

There is more accountability

If you preach another gospel other than the gospel of grace, the preacher will be double cursed

One famous preacher brought the revival of joy. People come under the anointing and began to laugh in the spirit.

God used this man and he is very anointed. Whenever he preached the people will just burst out laughing and will be set free in the spirit

Pastor Stephanie looked at right and left and all received the laughters. She asked God to bless her. Third night the Pastor wanted all the Malaysian pastors to go up to receive prayer. He just tapped on the pastors. Pastor got a tap in the head and fell to the ground. For a few minutes she realised she is laughing. The spirit of laughters. She laughed for 20 minutes.

The next morning she felt that those that are stuck in the sink are all sucked out. She felt that by the power of holy spirit she had more liberty! She was not so self-conscious.

The pastor said one thing. One hour of anointed preaching is equivalent to 8 hours of manual labour.

When the anointing is upon you you don’t feel tired. But the physical body you feel tired after preaching

Is God who has called and give you the anointing.

The limelight ministry look glorious but behind there are a lot of other things. Our character building, God spend a lot of time in building.

The greater the office the greater challenges we go through, not to challenge you.

It is dangerous when we are not established in pure grace.

Pure grace is we know every gift comes from Him

Not everyone will be a preacher

No one feels down not with the rest.

We need to be very established in God’s grace

The gift is to bless and benefit others

The Holy Spirit choses for each believer.

The holy spirit will move within you for which gifts to give to each believer.

Prayer language

Gift of tongues

Receive holy spirit and we pray in tongues. Only God understands when we pray in tongues

Spiritual gifts are supernatural

Saving souls is for everyone

Be a witness.

Gift of tongues is like prophesy

we have one body but many parts.

God make each part differently

The word Apostle means sent out

There is a special anointing to start a ministry or a church

Prophets give direction

The prophets are the ones who see

Greater gift is σνє. Agape σνє.

We need to receive God’s σνє first.

First chase after σνє.

There is a good desire Paul tells us to desire. Earnestly desire and cultivate spiritual gifts

Prophesy – sometimes it is about encouragement

Be careful in the way you prophesy

Listen more for more clarifies

Start off with encouragement

Prophesy given at right time will launch people into ministry

The one who is prophesies is greater (not better)

Whatever we do in ministry is to build up and strengthen.

Must have heart of compassion

5 folds ministry. We can be more inclined into some

When you have taken the office it comes with the responsibilities

The office is not easy to the flesh

We don’t learn about grace. We need to experience grace

The prophets are called a seer and a nathan (giver)

We are in the place of givers

You are giving out. You have received and now you give out.

As a seer you see things in visions and sometimes words. After you see you give out.

You don’t add in or subtract.

Learn how to sense the anointing. If it stops there it stops there.

Rev 19:10 AMP

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.

His life and teaching are the heart of prophecy.

He is the spirit of prophecy.

If someone prophesied out of Christ, be careful

Prophecy means declaring the purposes of God

Prophecy can launch their purpose into life and their destiny

Declare the purposes of God in that person life and it will become to manifest strongly

Prophecy edify and encourage. It does not put people down

New covenant prophecy is always encourage.

When you see the person’s sin is to go to them in private and to restore them and not to destroy them

Prophecy comes with wisdom too.

Need to ask for wisdom

Pastor Benjamin (Heaven on Earth ministry)

Calling of God in his life and vision.

God has a destiny for each and everyone.

Holy Spirit put this in him in a very young age.

He was led back in the path of righteousness and grace.

How he knows his calling is in evangelism?

At first was prophecy and he saw visions.

He saw countless multitudes rapture together and he saw himself lead the people in the gate.

During that time, someone came and told him he will lead people.

He could not believe it. Because he is introvert.

He knows he is called a evangelist because when he saw crowds received Christ he will burst into tears.

Walking with God experiencing Him day by day is wonderful thing.

Prophecy is a great gift and we can have and develop.

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