Mooncake Festival Sermon Note
Pastor Mark

We are here the most important is to tell you not to join a christianity but to know the Lord

We need 3 good

  1. Good morning
  2. Good mood
  3. Good character

We know all 3 need to be good. We relax and don’t worry. We know all these we cannot control so we will worry. In life, even though we want to have good mood, good sleep, can we?

We cannot. We know we want healthy we need to exercise and know what we eat and sleep well but can we ?

U can exercise and know what to eat. But your emotion you will worry. We find it difficult. 

We want to sleep early but lay down there cannot sleep. 

But we cannot do it. 

We know in life, we need to grab our time where we want to go. 

We know we cannot let go. We always think. 

In life the most difficult is we cannot let go cannot forget 

So we worry everyday 

We lose at a word – Wait

We cannot let go so we wait. 

We wait for the kids to grow up go to study go to work than after find work we wait for them to have spouse. 

We have no time to wait. We cannot let go. We keep on waiting. We wait to get cpf, than can retire. 

Our life in the beginning is like a cow keep on working. Now become dog after retire. We wait at home for kids to come back. Like a dog waiting at the door. If the kid grow up and have kids than you become like a monkey playing with the kids. 

If you have a few kids you jump around different houses to stay. 

But we cannot let go 

We keep on thinking and thinking

Sometimes we said is tiring to be human. 

Human easy to write but hard to do. 

But i thank Jesus. 

Good morning and want good mood

We everyday need to see the cross

To have good sleep good morning good mood, every morning what we see is important. Jesus wants us to see the cross. 

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Jesus loves all human. 

He so ℓσνєd the world

How Jesus showed His ℓσνє?

In our life He knows we cannot sleep well and good mood but He wants us to see Jesus loves us. 

Jesus His only Son, without sin, replace our sin and want us to have His life. 

Most importantly as human Jesus wants to give us. If we don’t see the cross we cannot do on ourselves. 

When you chase after gal, you are full of sweet words. After marriage, less words

When there is kid, you always said your son and daughter. Than no words after that 

After the children grow up, you talk to yourselves. So pitiful. 

Jesus want us to see everyday that Jesus loves us and we can live life. 

Live life not so easy. Sometimes live life is hard. If we don’t know Jesus’ ℓσνє for us, it is difficult 

Life is important. 

Jesus said He come to the earth, what does cross means? Abundance life ! To give a life and life more abundantly 

Jesus wants to give us good life! He loves us like how parents ℓσνє their children and want to give them good life. 

No matter how work is good, you don’t know what is the future. 

Jesus wants you to know He wants to give you abundant life. 

In life what we face, how to have good mood good sleep, in this world, we go through birth, old, sickness and death

Everyday we go through life is not so easy. 

Jesus knows it earlier. He knows our lives is difficult 

He came to the earth to replace our sin. He don’t want us go to hell. In order for us to go heaven, He willingly come to the earth. 

Good will get good and bad will get bad. 

Everyone will have bad result. But Jesus wants us to know He know earlier. 

For us to have peace, Jesus gives us the cross for us to know He replace us already! So we can go heaven. He knows as human what we afraid is nothing to eat and drink and stay. 

At night when you need to leave the world do you know where you are going. 

Jesus said don’t be worry. 

If it is not real, i would have told you. Jesus said in His heaven, He prepared a place for us. 

Those who follow Him will never be hungry. 

Jesus can feed 5000 people. 

What does that means?

If He can feed 5000 guys, He can feed all 5 in the house. 

Jesus wants us to know every morning we see the cross we know we can let go. With Jesus we can have peace. 

Jesus came from the Father. He came to the earth and need to go to His Father. 

Jesus come to the world and He said to us only in Him there is peace. When you see Jesus’ ℓσνє for you, inside is His ℓσνє for you. Once you see Jesus’ ℓσνє for you, you can let go. Jesus wants us let go and relax. Jesus came to earth and return to heaven. 

Jesus want to exchange our lives. He wants to take away our bad lives and took it on the cross to give us abundant life. 

Jesus knows we are not good but He wants to be good to us. 

At the cross you see His ℓσνє. 

In china, a sister’s father fell at 80 years old and fell and could not stand up. This sister told his father, you stick on the wall a paper. Said your leg and hand got strength and blessing comes from the Lord. 

The moment you call on Jesus, He saves you!

This father kept on saying his legs and hands got strength. His health is all because of Jesus’ blessings on him. 

Salvation is this simple. Just like Pastor Mark’s mother. She has 6 children. Not easy. 

She wants to buy all the good ones in the market. She live the whole life thinking for her family only. When she was 70, she felt that live life no one loves her. Pastor Mark told her to open mouth and call Jesus and He will save you. 

I thank Jesus, after a few days, his mother legs recovered. It is not how good you treat God, is how God treat you good. 

One day Pastor Mark’s mum asked him how to receive Jesus. She said so simple ah?

At night she called Pastor Mark that she accepted Christ and asked Jesus to receive her. 

The most fortunate in life is to receive Christ. 

Share this good news! 

The 3 good we want, Jesus has blessed us with already. 

John 16:33

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

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