Magnify Jesus!! –

Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered!
Wow! When we have challenges in our lives, who is bigger? The challenges or Jesus? When the people were bitten by the serpents, God asked them to look at the bronze serpents. Those who looked at bronze serpents they lived! Those who looked at their wounds they died.

Lets be conscious where we look.
Look at our challenges and magnified it so big that all the background blurred?
Look at Jesus and focus on Jesus so much that Jesus is so magnified and sharp that the background becomes blur?

Lets magnify Jesus! For when we magnify Jesus, He arise in our lives and our enemies scattered! Notice, God said His enemies scattered!

And further down the verse, let us rejoice exceedingly!! Rejoice before God!!

Praise Jesus!! Rejoice O, we His people!
(Psalm 68:1)



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