Expedition Promise Land [Sermon Note]

Pastor Prince

Right at the heart of holy of holies is God’s grace

You find the Word of God in your wilderness.

God would lead people like David to hear the Word of God

Jesus is driven by the spirit into the wilderness to give the devil the word of God. It is written, it is written, it is written

Seeing the provision of God

Abraham rejoiced to see My days

I would have gathered you like the mother hen would gather the chick, but you would not.

The Lord wants to so protect us.

The idea that Jesus many times in the gospel will touch anybody and heal them, and said don’t share to anybody. There was the characteristic that Jesus did not want to be exalted until the day

During the time when the Lord was operating, it was a transition of the old into the new.

In book of Matthew, He has not yet died. He was still operating based on law until John.

His first calling was to Israel.

He did not publicise His miracles. He do jot want His people to come for the miracles and fail to see Him as Messiah

The triumph God is involved

Shepherd, the Lost sheep, the Father waiting for the lost son

He will let you rest on His shoulders

Grace has come

Jesus sweat blood. The blood of sweat fell to the ground.

Adam fell and God said by your sweat, you will eat bread.

The first area He took for us is the mental stress

Jesus wore the crown of thorns so we can be redeemed of toils, worries and cares.

Not my will but yours be done

First pressing was for the light in the temple

Second pressing was for medicine

Third pressing was for cleansing

This is what happened to the Lord

Jesus was pressed

The first oil was for light

He stepped into darkness so that you and I will always be in the light

The second pressing He was crushed, bruised for our iniquities.

It was for our healing. Medicine. We don’t have to earn and qualify for it. Is children bread

The third one is for cleansing. To cleanse us for all our sins.

He speaks to us through the tree

God is healing you of your conditions.

In the name of Jesus, i command the disease to die now. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by His pressing, by His scourging, you are healed.

You walk through the shadow of death, He is with you.

You don’t stay in the valley. You walk through

Christ has redeemed you from all the mental oppression.

In the name of Jesus, I see great things ahead of you!

You are coming through. Restoration is on your way.

God restored greater quality and quantity.

In Jesus’ name, receive His strength.

Whatever valley you are going through now, He is the glory and the Lifter of your head.

The dead sea is the lowest place of the earth

All the way down from sea level is 1200 feet

Every time you are drawing near to God you are going up.

Your heart is towards the Lord

There is so much that clicks when you are here to see.

Jesus was baptised at the lowest place of the earth

Heaven is waiting.

You are My beloved Son, in you I am well pleased.

Jesus heard His Father’s approval before He achieved anything

The priest look at the lamb and not you.

Behold the Lamb of God

Wilderness we think of desert

In the wilderness is from the Word of God

You find the word of God in the wilderness

The sheep glaze in the wilderness

Chew the Word

Be in the place of wilderness, you will find the Word of God

Jesus called the temple then, My Father’s house.

What is right in the centre of holy of holies? The mercy seat

We believe on the finished work of Christ, don’t take out the 10 commandments (which you need to push out the mercy seats)

The ark of the covenant represent our Lord Jesus. The gold represent His deity. The wood represent His humanity. The 10 commandments is put under the mercy seat.

The blood has been sprinkled on the mercy seat.

Unearned and undeserved

Lets come boldly and find grace in the time of need

What is grace?

Grace is getting all the blessings and favour we don’t deserve

If you believe on Jesus, you shall be saved

There is no other way. I am the truth and grace.

Grace is all about supply.

Our hearts are purified by faith

His perfect finished work

Unveil the loveliness of Jesus takes the holy spirit. We are anointed to glorify Jesus


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