Chinese Sermon note

Pastor Mark

We are different from the world. We follow Jesus. 

We wear mask because we are not well. This is social hygiene responsibility 

We walk with Jesus. God lives in us. 

When we don’t have the consciousness that He is with us, fear affects us. 

When we know God loves us, all fears are casted out. 

When we forgot God loves us and we need to be responsible for our well-being than we are full of fear. 

You can wear mask, but most important protect your heart. 

God sent His beloved Son to die for us. 

Once we forgot we are His beloved, His created one, we are full of fear. 

We follow Him and He is in charge of our everything. 

We behold Him and live

Once we change our focus on the world and let the world affect us, we will be filled with fear. 

Only ℓσνє can cast out fear. 

God wants fo be in charge of us. 

We cannot prevent or avoid outside. We need to guard our hearts. 

We know we are His beloveds, we live in His ℓσνє. 

The world becomes darker and darker and we become brighter and brighter. 

This year is the year of Time and Space. Jesus came fo us to save us. 

He go through time to save us 

We are different. God bring light into our life. We see His glory shine on us. 

Once you behold Jesus, we will shine

Isaiah 60:1-2

The Gentiles Bless Zion

Arise, shine;

For your light has come!

And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.

For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,

And deep darkness the people;

But the LORD will arise over you,

And His glory will be seen upon you.

His glory will be seen upon us

When we see the King, we live in the present. We behold the King, all good things will happen to us. 

When our focus in Jesus, we will live gloriously 

Jesus lives in us and His word is the light upon our path. 

Let His Word shines on our lives 

Keep listening to Jesus and don’t waste your time anymore. 

When we lost His view, we lost our way. He is our compass. 

When we hear the Lord of time, our youth is frozen. 

Our God go through time! 

We will not look at how infectious the virus is. We will look at how great our Jesus is. We will be full of life! Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly 

  1. Don’t listen to the world. Don’t waste time. 

We don’t hold the world light. We hold God’s light. The world don’t have light. 

We, children of God are different. We live with style. 

One Carpenter (Jesus) in 2000 years ago, He was with His disciples. His disciples asked Jesus about the future. 

Personalised what He said to us. God loves me. I shall not perish and have everlasting life! 

The news we see now are old news. God’s Word will bring us light. Light on our path. 

Once we fear the world, we become fool

Darkness is spiritual realm. 

No matter where we stay, there is no safety if we trust in things or trust in the country we stay. 

If we depend on ourselves, whatever we do is useless. 

The more we are fearful, we cannot breathe properly. We cannot breathe deep. 

The more we don’t dare to breathe deep, the more fearful we are. 

It is not the virus outside. Our immune system starts from our heart. 

We live in the world we need to know our God is with us and He is in charge!

We live in the world but not of the world. 

The devil’s strategy is to scare you. 

Wisdom is very important

Fear cause our soul out of our bodies

This is what the devil is creating. He wants people to be fearful

The Word said the world leaders also cannot control. 

Whatever is man’s effort, all are shaken. 

Upon the name of Jesus, even the virus needs to bow down. 

The name of Jesus is above all! 

Behold Jesus and follow Jesus

Jesus is the King of life!

Jesus wants us to be healthier and healthier and live a abundant life!

There will be a transfer of wealth to His people

Wherever God bring us, it is always good!

God wants to give us the best

Start smiling. Hope arises. 

Your Saviour. We have Saviour. Don’t live as if we don’t have. 

God is telling us time and space. 

What we behold is important. 

When we see all these things are happening, the world getting darker and darker, He is coming. 

Change our perspective and focus. Look to Jesus. Behold Him

If you know what is your ending, all is well. 

God told us our future. All is well. All depend on Him. 

Jesus said Amen Amen i tell you. 

Now we should be excited. Change our focus on Him and all has changed. 

The devil is attacking China with virus. God’s grace is greatest in China. 

Jesus transcend time. 

The prayers of the righteous is effective. 

God blesses much more to the weak. 

What you focus on is important. 

What do you want?

You can earn the world but lost your soul. It is pointless. 

No one can live more than 200 years old. 

Enoch walked with God. God was delightful in him. Enoch focus is on God and God is delighted with him. 

The world will perish but His Word will never perish. 

God’s glory shines on us!

We are the glorious generation! 

Our youth are renewed !

If your heart look at the world, it will be retarded. If your heart look at Jesus, it will be full of wisdom

Fear of God is beginning of wisdom

Fear of the world we become dumb 

The world getting darker and darker but we get brighter and brighter

God will lead us to the right place, right time and right people. 

Always be conscious of Jesus. You cannot be conscious of where are the virus 

God’s vision is we are safe all the way 

He wants us safe, our body and soul are protected by Him

We can come boldly in front of His throne. 

We can escape fully and everything. Don’t think of tomorrow, think of today and behold Jesus

Prayers is being with Him

God saves us from danger, by letting Him lead us. 

Our Saviour will surely save us. 

When we follow Jesus, we are protected 

  1. Won’t die
  2. Safely come out
  3. No diseases 

Prayer. Prayer is not a religious word

Prayer is being one with Jesus. 

We are the temple of God. We can communicate with Him

God embrace us tightly. When we are fearful, know that God embrace us tightly 

Good things happen to those who believe God loves them. 

Wave upon wave of God’s goodness shall happen to us. 

The world knows success depend on right time and right space

God wants us to follow Jesus 

When we follow Jesus, we are at the right time and space. 

Jesus is our time and space. 

God will put us at the best place. We cannot find. He can. His view is from above. 

When you said you don’t know, God will give to us. When you are proud, God will not. 

Look at Jesus and we will not miss any right time 

God gives us the right happenings. All come from Him. 

If it is not given by above, we cannot achieve anything. 

God wants to give us the best. 

We can know 100% that He gives us the best happening. 

The path of the righteous gets brighter and wider. 

Follow Jesus

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