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Share, how the revelation of you being an “intimate participator” has changed how you partake of the holy communion 

How has this changed your prayer life and the way you see your shepherd Saviour

What does it mean to partake of it fresh and why must we do that?


Whatever relationship problems or work, Jesus is the source to our miracle. Every problem may not solved immediately but it is solved. 

We don’t think about what sin we have not confessed. We think about Jesus. The focus is Him and His sufferings on the cross. Instead of thinking about ourselves we think about what Jesus has done. We are loved by the Bridegroom. His banner over me is ℓσνє. He brings us to banquet table and this banner of ℓσνє dropped on top of us. 

When we sin, tell yourselves you are forgiven and don’t repeat it. 

Jesus is a King and a Friend

Our God is a real God. Our prayers are not in vain. 

The moment we pray, the angels move. 

The opposite of fresh is stale 

Whatever is stale we find it sian. Once we know that happens, take it fresh again from our revelation by going to Him

Any challenges we are facing, put in His body. Believe that thing cannot be in 2 places. We can see in His body, by His stripe we are healed. 

Our Source is from God 

Partake it worthily 

Melchizedek gave the bread and wine to Abraham. 

Abraham brought the tithe

This divine exchange shows He lives. 

The bread and the wine are holding blessings. 

Holy communion is the fountain of youth. When it comes to healing it is a sure thing! 

Start believing for very simple thing

Call out those things that are not as though they are. 

We must talk and not think it. 

Talents can represent gifting, assets, time on earth. 

Time is the talent that God has freely given to us. 24 hours a day. How we want to invest this 24 hours depend on us. 

We can convert it into money. 

Invest time into our family or body as well 

We ought to be responsible of our time. 

Bible principle to invest. 

The word there is trade. 

Whatever gifting and talent the Lord has given us, we know. 

Time to educate and prepare yourself. God will usually give you the gifting first. 

When you have a lot of spare cash, than you put in some shares. Until then, please go and get a job and do well at your job. 

Your gifting and talent is your time

Ask God for wisdom for your finance

Allow the Lord to grow your gifting and talents 

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