Beauty & Perfect…
He is.


Beauty You are
Perfect You are

Yet without form You became

To the cross You went
Desiring to be like a child

Fully trust You

Desiring to be like a child

So carefree and so joyful
Yes, You desire

That I trust You

Not because of any other reason

Simply because You know You will

Simply because You are my I AM in life
In every situation

You are

In every situation

Life You give

Give life to the dead

And call forth things that are not as though they did
Yes You are the I AM in my life

Believe and I shall receive, 

You said
Trust fully 

And enjoy Your joy to the fullest in my life
Pray and desire He to give to me

And He said

Ask and believe in my heart that I have received.

Not for any other reason

But because He has indeed given.

– evelynzoe

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