Sermon note (1st svc)

Pastor Prince

When God anoints you, the things that are difficult will become easy. 

Mothers are special breed of people. ℓσνє them while we can. 

For all the mothers in the house, blessed mother’s day. 

There will be fresh anointing in your marriage. 

Only Christ can be the third party in any marriage. 

Everytime we come to God’s house we are stronger and healthier. 

There are people coming today that you have heart palpitation, you need to slow down. Everything has gone so fast. Meditate and enjoy a good book. 

You need to switch off your mind and rest. 

A lot of people in their 40s and 50s drop dead suddenly. This is because of stress. 

An article of a guy take care of birds. At certain age the bird will let go the feather and get new feathers. They need extra moistures. Stroke their feathers with warm water. God wants you to have extra moistures (get more of the Word) Renewal of youth. 

There are people dropping down dead. Not because of major diseases, it is because they are stressed out and high tension. 

God gives us nights to sleep, not to play games or watch korean dramas. 

God gives us sundays to rest. Even God rested. He rested not because He was tired. He rested because He has completed His works. 

One day out of 7, your heart rest. 

It is all designed such a way that God wants us to live slowly and in rhythm of grace. 

Once you relax you can heal. 

The Hebrew word for heal, Rapha 

Relax is the root of the word heal in the Hebrew

The word meditate is where you get the root word medication 

Meditate on God’s Word and His leaf shall not wither. 

Operate in faith. 

The power of words the way God ordain you. 

Under the new covenant, as obedience as you can, does not mean you are blessed. 

The lack of blessing is a lack of faith, not lack of devotion. 

We are operating by sight 

2 Corinthians 4:13

And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak,

I believe I speak

Some believers they believe but they don’t speak out. They believe in their hearts only. 

I believe and THEREFORE I speak!

Long before you see good things in your life, it is in your heart. 

The vision of your scan is before you instead of God’s word. 

You must believe God’s word transcend every other words. 

There are a few things God cannot do. God cannot lie. You can trust His Word. 

It is one thing to believe, another thing to speak. 

There are some believers who speak but don’t believe in their hearts. 

For many years God promised Abraham to have a child. More than 20 years passed he didn’t see the promise. One day God brought Abraham to see the stars in the sky. To recount the stars. The ancient fathers tell their children the reasons for the stars (this is not astrology) 

God works in 12. 12 is the numbers of government 

Start with Virgo – the virgin with the baby

End with Leo – lion of the tribe of Judah 

Recount the story of Jesus

The warrior stepping on the snake. 

The woman’s seed will crush the serpent

The devil method is to keep you in the realm of senses. We walk by faith and not by sight. 

There is a cross in the sky. 

The southern cross will lead you home. 

The cross will lead you home. 

Abraham believed God and God imputed him for righteousness. 

Something happened when God told him to look at the stars. 

The first part was quality and now quantity

The stars started to “change faces” into babies shouting to him abba abba

God heals the broken in hearts. 

He knows. He knows the way out. He knows how to bring you the place of deliverance. 

He will make you lie down in green pastures. Abundance all around. 

God changed Abraham’s heart. His heart was filled with children. His heart was been changed. 

God never changed his name until God changed his heart. 

You got to believe before you speak. 

Whatever you are believing God for. A breakthrough in your business 

Faith can change that if you go by God’s way. 

God changed his heart before he changed his speech. 

His heart was filled with believe that he was going to be father. He meditated on it. 

What are you meditating on?

Are you listening to the report of the world?

Whose report would you believe?

God changed his heart. 

One year before Issac came, God changed his mouth. 

Abraham – father of many

Sarah – princess, a mother of multitude 

They changed their speech and called each other father of many and princess

God’s way are eternal. Whatever you can see is temporal. 

This flesh won’t go up in heaven. When Jesus comes again, all our bodies will change. 

The spirit of faith 

We release faith by speaking

We walk in Abrahamic faith

He did not consider the fact that they were in their old age. 

God changed their youthfulness. 

Through faith Sarah received strength to conceive seed 

When she first heard she was going to have baby, she laughed. Abraham also laughed. So they called their son Issac. 

Encourage each other in faith. 

Believe first and speak. 

After the couple is married, the man called his wife woman and wife call her husband man. 

(In Hebrew language)

Adultery is bad and hurtful. It will cause you a lot. Don’t do it. 

We got a super hero who is real! A super Hero who died on the cross for us! A super Hero Father sent among us. 

A sacrifical hero, Jesus! A real super Hero! 

Is eternal life! 

Watch what you say 

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. 

Proverbs 18:21

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Almost every show that comes out is about death. 

If you ℓσνє it you will eat the fruit of it. 

Which do you ℓσνє? Death and life. 

Psalms 103:5

Who satisfies your mouth with good things,

So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Youth -> young boy to adolescent

Faith -> for righteousness in Christ

I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Confess before the temptation. Even after you fall into it, confess it. 

There is a power that comes in when you realise you true identity in Christ. 

Job 33:21-26

His flesh wastes away from sight,

And his bones stick out which once were not seen.

Yes, his soul draws near the Pit,

And his life to the executioners.

“If there is a messenger for him,

A mediator, one among a thousand,

To show man His uprightness,

Then He is gracious to him, and says,

‘Deliver him from going down to the Pit;

I have found a ransom’;

His flesh shall be young like a child’s,

He shall return to the days of his youth.

He shall pray to God, and He will delight in him,

He shall see His face with joy,

For He restores to man His righteousness.

What is right about God?

God loves you and He is your justifier, not the judge. 

Meditator there is Jesus Christ 

His flesh shall be flesher than a child

Job 33:25

His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s:

he shall return to the days of his youth:

God will renew his youth and even his flesh will change. God gives His own righteousness

Believe and confess it! 

When you are angry, confess “i am the righteousness of God in Christ.”

Start saying i am young again!

Another language programmed by the devil is “old already”

U believe it and you start saying it. 

Numbers 13:27-28

Then they told him, and said: “We went to the land where you sent us. It truly flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. Nevertheless the people who dwell in the land are strong; the cities are fortified and very large; moreover we saw the descendants of Anak there.

“Nevertheless” is the problem

There are people when they speak, you walk away troubled. 

Numbers 13:30-33

Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”

But the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we.” And they gave the children of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out, saying, “The land through which we have gone as spies is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw in it are men of great stature. There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

He is releasing faith before it happened. 

The spirit of fear works the same way. You believe and you speak it. 

Start meditating on God’s Word. See yourself healed. 

Old things are passed away, ALL things have become new! 

God loves the spirit of faith

Fear is believing the devil

Somewhere along the way, the fear came in. 

Only Caleb and Joshua saw they were able. The rest saw themselves as grasshopers. How you see yourself is how the enemies see you

Numbers 14:2-3

And all the children of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron, and the whole congregation said to them, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt! Or if only we had died in this wilderness! Why has the Lord brought us to this land to fall by the sword, that our wives and children should become victims? Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?”

God hates complaining. 

Even there is good you don’t see it anymore already. 

We are finding our identities in all the wrong places. 

Our identities are in Christ! 

We are in Christ risen!

Numbers 14:6-10

But Joshua the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had spied out the land, tore their clothes; and they spoke to all the congregation of the children of Israel, saying: “The land we passed through to spy out is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land which flows with milk and honey.’ Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.”

And all the congregation said to stone them with stones. Now the glory of the Lord appeared in the tabernacle of meeting before all the children of Israel.

Exceeding much 

Very very good land 

Christian life is a very very good life! You enjoy life so much more!

When people take sex that God created, they pervert it to even animals. That is something wrong. This is not a sigh of satisification 

Unbelieving spies see themselves as their breads

But Caleb and Joshua saw the enemies as their breads

Feed of it and you will ride the waves and be overcomed 

Their protection has departed. The Lord is with us!

The glory of the Lord appeared. God has the final say! 

Numbers 14:26-30

Death Sentence on the Rebels

And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “How long shall I bear with this evil congregation who complain against Me? I have heard the complaints which the children of Israel make against Me. Say to them, As I live,’ says the Lord, ‘just as you have spoken in My hearing, so I will do to you: The carcasses of you who have complained against Me shall fall in this wilderness, all of you who were numbered, according to your entire number, from twenty years old and above. Except for Caleb the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun, you shall by no means enter the land which I swore I would make you dwell in.

Matthew 8:13

Then Jesus said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.” And his servant was healed that same hour.

As you have believed. 

Out of the good treasure you bring forth good things. 

A new generation went in with Caleb and Joshua 

A generation that grew up in the wilderness. 

They never felt the sun. There is food everyday. Manna from heaven. Spread of cloud covering them. 

God kept their feet and their feet never swell. 

Their clothes grew with them. 

There is no reason to cokplain. 

Heart of men. 

Numbers 14:24

But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land where he went, and his descendants shall inherit it.

You have faith and God will zero in to you. 

Faith is trusting what God says is true. 

Without faith is impossible to please God. 

For those who feel your age is advancing, what will you say?

There was a man who helped David. David was fleeing 

Generally Jesus was rejected by the world. 

David is a picture of Christ. 

David did not want to fight his own son. 

2 Samuel 19:31-39

David’s Kindness to Barzillai

And Barzillai the Gileadite came down from Rogelim and went across the Jordan with the king, to escort him across the Jordan. Now Barzillai was a very aged man, eighty years old. And he had provided the king with supplies while he stayed at Mahanaim, for he was a very rich man. And the king said to Barzillai, “Come across with me, and I will provide for you while you are with me in Jerusalem.”

But Barzillai said to the king, “How long have I to live, that I should go up with the king to Jerusalem? I am today eighty years old. Can I discern between the good and bad? Can your servant taste what I eat or what I drink? Can I hear any longer the voice of singing men and singing women? Why then should your servant be a further burden to my lord the king? Your servant will go a little way across the Jordan with the king. And why should the king repay me with such a reward? Please let your servant turn back again, that I may die in my own city, near the grave of my father and mother. But here is your servant Chimham; let him cross over with my lord the king, and do for him what seems good to you.”

And the king answered, “Chimham shall cross over with me, and I will do for him what seems good to you. Now whatever you request of me, I will do for you.” Then all the people went over the Jordan. And when the king had crossed over, the king kissed Barzillai and blessed him, and he returned to his own place.

Jesus is standing before you. He said come with Me and i will provide for you. 

Don’t look yourself in the natural. 

Supernatural happen in faith. 

Even though he was a good man but he believed he was growing old. 

The house David received was given to Chimham. It became the inn that Jesus went. 

Joshua 14:6-13

Caleb Inherits Hebron

Then the children of Judah came to Joshua in Gilgal. And Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite said to him: “You know the word which the Lord said to Moses the man of God concerning you and me in Kadesh Barnea. I was forty years old when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me from Kadesh Barnea to spy out the land, and I brought back word to him as it was in my heart. Nevertheless my brethren who went up with me made the heart of the people melt, but I wholly followed the Lord my God. So Moses swore on that day, saying, Surely the land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance and your children’s forever, because you have wholly followed the Lord my God.’ And now, behold, the Lord has kept me alive, as He said, these forty-five years, ever since the Lord spoke this word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness; and now, here I am this day, eighty-five years old. As yet I am as strong this day as on the day that Moses sent me; just as my strength was then, so now is my strength for war, both for going out and for coming in. Now therefore, give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day; for you heard in that day how the Anakim were there, and that the cities were great and fortified. It may be that the Lord will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them out as the Lord said.”

And Joshua blessed him, and gave Hebron to Caleb the son of Jephunneh as an inheritance.

Spirit of faith

He was 40 when he spied out the land and said he was well able to. 

He said i am as strong today (when he was 85 years old) as i was 40 years old. He did not grow old when he believed that. 

Our glory in all the troubled places. 

God is with us, their defence has gone off them

Strength for war. 

At 85 he was still eating bread! He killed the giant at 85!

Caleb crossed all the way in. God said it, it is so! He is a man who does not know how to grow old!

Release your faith. Stop saying you are old. 

Watch your spirit of faith. 

If believing is your problem, your vision is the problem. 

Be careful what you are programming your images in your vision when you watch dramas. 

Find your stars. 

My leaf will not wither. 

Autumn trees different colours. Autumn leafs are beautiful but they are death. They are last dying leaf. You live post winter. Don’t look at the world. 

Just realised everything beautiful in this world there is death. It won’t satisfy 

Whoever drink this water will thirst again. Whoever drink the Living Water will not thirst again. 

An evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bring forth evil things. 

A heart of flesh. God’s prompting is in your heart. 

Ask the Lord to show you the area that you are fearful. 

You have seen too much bad news on social media. All worries are in your heart. Look at it and ask the Lord to show you how it came in. 

Subconsciously your inner man is inviting it when you watch movies. Tell the Lord to give you a fresh desire. His delight is in the word of the Lord. 

That man and woman delight in God’s word, his/her leaf will not fail. Leaf is picture of health. Your youthfulness. 

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