Sermon Note

Bryan Koh (Heaven On Earth Ministry)

There is a spirit in us

Most of our problems come from our spirit soul or body

Many things today it is easily let go.

Spirit Soul and Body

We are made in 3 parts. Spirit Soul and Body

Most of the time we hear outside is about mind and body.

We are all spirit being. We have been born again because we are spirit being.

When God made us, He made us in His likeness.

This spirit came from the breath He breathed into us.

Genesis 7

We have a spirit.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God we lost the connection with Him.

The first death was spiritual death.

The second death was physical death.

No one can see the kingdom

Spirit is reborn when we received Christ.

Spirit man, we need to feed him just as how we need to feed our physical body

Your body is like a vessel been directed

There are 3 voices

How to be able to listen to spirit man is what we want.

Listen more to spirit man is when we need to feed the spirit man more by renewal of mind


Pastor Stephanie

We are unique and original. God saw us and called us as part of the ministry.

It is by the power of holy spirit to consume you and to take care of your sheep

A pastor is called by God.

When God created Adam and Eve, it was for Adam to live the heavenly life on earth

God created him spirit being. In the image of God

No one can walk the way Jesus walked.

Is your spirit being that can walk in the spiritual realm.

It was meant for Adam to rule in this world.

And also for him to rule over his senses.

The spirit that hears God. The spirit that has the nature of God

The senses were never meant to make decision.

When Adam disobeyed God, the spirit was not activated

The body supposed to provide the data for the brain. If any of your 5 senses is impacted in any way, the data to the brain will be affected.

When Adam fell, he has to make sure his 5 senses are sharp. Men began to depend a lot on the 5 senses after the fall.

Man after the fall are very limited.

There is a God. There is a heaven. A realm in the spirit. The devil is also spirit. Fallen angels are spirit.

If we are sense ruled, we cannot accept spirit.

The spirit man is a revelation knowledge of God.

First prison is the spirit man become prisoner of the senses.

Spirit man is like trapped inside.

The word of God is life!

Sickness diseases poverty are in the spirit realm and all of them are put in His body at the cross.

The spirit has no time and space and no limitation

Is our spirit man been recreated and rule over our senses.

Bible tells u that God loves you and nothing is impossible with God

There is no limit.

Jesus was the first new creation. He was the first born.

Ability of God to do the things only God can do.

The devil is not God. He is fallen angel.

Our spirit man supposed to have dominion.

If we speak the bible, the Word of God, we speak the miraculous. It makes no sense to the 5 senses.

You see the difference between the sense realm and the spiritual realm.

Blessed are those who has not see the physical senses and yet believe. That is new creation

Ephesians 1:7

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace

Your spirit man supposed to take over your soul and body

A new day. A new life.

I will give you a new heart. A new spirit within you. A totally new spirit.

Your spirit man is hungry for the word of God

If your spirit man is born again and you have zero desire for the word of God or the things of the spirit, something is wrong somewhere.

Sometimes is because too long after your born again, the right food is not given to you.

The spirit man is the conscience

When a person is born again, they have righteousness conscious

Jesus is the only way the truth and the life.

In Christ we are made unto Him first wisdom, righteousness, sanctification

Spirit man is like Jesus.

Is created exactly

Who is in charge now?

The spirit of God that is unlimited.

Speak to yourself first. The sense rule man is so important

God is a spirit. He don’t speak to your sense realm.

He communicated to your spirit man senses

Your inward man cannot grow old

God change your nature. You have the nature of σνє now

The truth will set you free.

The truth said just receive if. You are righteous by receiving His righteousness

The gospel of Jesus Christ

I m not ashamed of the gospel

In this good news is the righteousness of God. Not righteousness of man.

Every word of God we receive through faith

God your Word said by Your stripe i am healed.

When you come to God, make a demand. When you go to bank you know there is money than you make a demand.

We make a demand of what is already provided for us at the cross.

I make a demand of what i have in Christ!

Come boldly to the throne of grace. To receive help in times of need

Everything done by God is legal

Whatever we do in Christ is legal in the court of heaven

Legal means the devil cannot come and say you don’t have this or that.

Your blessings is your rights. Jesus paid for it at the cross.

The requirement of God for you and me to be blessed is paid at the cross. Jesus paid. We are justified. All that Jesus has, we are joint heir with Him

Legal. We have every legal rights

We are sons of God. Legally!

All the liabilities are absorbed by Jesus Christ

We can see and receive the kingdom of God in the holy spirit

The spirit man is on fire.

Put the word of God into action

Your faith goes from one level to another.

You have the capacity and the ability

The mind tells you is very hard.

We are not going to put the Word of God into our brain.

Ask the holy spirit to open our eyes to see the wonder of His Word.

We are not trying to memorize the Word.

What comes out when we preach is we have life.

Your spirit learn faster than your mind.

The spirit don’t need so many years. You don’t need to take years.

Holy Spirit’s speed is faster than any technologies

Just need us to pray we want to grow in the spirit.

It will come to us by revelation

Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaks.

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