Sermon Note (4th svc)Speaker : Dr Maryln Hickey
God brings people to your lives for reasons, seasons and lifetime! 
I believe i am getting a turnaround in my life. 
Retire is doing what you like! 
God has a miracle with your name on it. 
How to amaze Jesus?
Tithing- get ready to prosperHe makes money for me. 
The widow’s mite amazes Jesus with her giving. Sow into ministry as a seed and you get as a harvest. 
I don’t get cheated. I just sown 
When her husband died she got inheritance. She got opened doors to ministries and she saw people saved 
I m a sower and i tithe and i am reaping 
God has money. When that widow sowed that mite, she was not in lack. 
Tithing brings result brings fruits. 
I want to amaze Jesus. Amaze Him with faith. 
Faith teaching makes you the head and not the tail. 
Jesus went into one area in Cannan 
Don’t give up. The game is not over till you went. That woman has faith for her daughter. 
If u have faith Jesus will heal u
Healing is the bread of His children. 
The woman stayed in faith. She did not give up. Even the dogs eat the crumbs. One scripture can totally change your life. 
God wants us to push through for the miraculous 
Great is your faith. This woman when she went home, her daughter was healed. 
We can believe for family. When she was 35 years old she felt she had mental breakdown. She said to the Lord, she was like her father. The Lord told her He don’t have mental breakdown. 
Miracles are here. 
We are sending the Word. 
When you know about sick people, send the Word. The Word works. 
Come and be healed. When you preach healing, people get born again too. 
Healing is God’s dinner bell. 
I am going to send the Word in Jesus’ name! Amen!  God wants us whole. 
A young boy born without an eye and God gave him a new eye. The Word did that!
The Word will work for you! The Word works!
When the widow went home her daughter was healed and totally delivered. 
Have faith for unusual miracle. 
Prayer for people with back problems -The Word does not return voidFather in Jesus name i am sending the Word into this back that is healing it. Healing is the bread of the children. Thank you Father for the healed back! 

In Jesus’ name, amen! 
Sometimes healing is a process. You got your healing but the process takes sometime. 
I am whole i am strong
It is faith. 
Jesus told her great is your faith. I will never forget megafaithA million x a million is mega
Jehovah Rapha means not only heal but also health. 
We have a miracle Jesus. Jesus wants wholeness. 
God wants you to be whole and your family. 
When we pray for our family we have family miracle. 
The greatest thing she gets to do is for people to receive Jesus. 
She went to a stadium one time and 65 thousands stood up to receive Christ. 

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