Like Never Before…


Who is there like You
Who can promise never leave me nor forsake me

Who is there like You
Who can say You love me with everlasting love

Who is there like You
Who even bother to count the numbers of hair on my head

Who is there like You
Who can come down from heaven,
Just to die for me

Like never before,
I experience Your love

Like never before,
Only You can gift.

Exchange Your robe for mine
When i do not have one

Turn snow to red
Because You love.

Love me even when i fail
Love me even when i look away
Love me even when i see the world and forgotten You

Never leave me nor forsake me
You are always with me

See me in danger
You bring me to safety
Under Your wings, You shield me.

See me cry
Your heart for me
Comfort me and embrace me

Joyfully You wait
To see the smile on my face when I receive,
A gift You prepared.

You have prepared a beautiful future
And You are all ready to see my joy.

Joy to the fullness
Is what You desire me to have

Shield You have shielded me
With favor You have surrounded me.

Under Your wings,
Nearness You desire me to come

In your dwelling,
No weapon can come near me.

Love came.
Love melt the mountains
Love turn water to wine
Love never disappoint

Only Your love
last forever

Only Your love

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