Sermon note (4th svc) –
Pastor Leon Fontaine

God gives people leaders after His heart.
Unless the church of Jesus Christ become spiritually alive, people will be struggled.

Be spiritual filled with His joy and peace. Understand His grace is flowing through us. We got to be contemporary and not weird.

Spiritually alive. To be spirit contemporary alive!

Today Pastor wants to talk about Holy Spirit.

Sunday morning 3am, after their sunday service where they prayed for miracles, healing, and beautiful hymns with songs and whole church would worship and amazing atmosphere in church. There are ushers usher the congregation for ministering. Wonder time of ministering.

30 mins after the church, there was an accident happened. His job at that time, he was called there. He saw child died, and mother hurt, and the whole car was upside down. He cried out to God. He called out to God that the world needs to have this miraculous more than the church atmosphere.

He could hear the cries of this mum hanging upside down in the car. He cried out to God that he needs this miracle to pray for this mum.

God designed you and His holy spirit is in you to release the miraculous even when there are no music and ushers around.

One day Pastor’s father knocked onto a door, he drove pass and he felt in his spirit that he is supposed to pray for someone who needs prayer and is dying. This family just brought his father home waiting to die. Pastor’s father prayed for him and he was healed. The whole family came to their church now.

Holy spirit will tell us things to come.

The gift of the Spirit.

Holy Spirit will guide us in incredible accuracy when He flows through us to others.

Witnesses. What has God done for us ? Where has He brought peace in our lives? Whenever we share the Jesus we love, we are witnesses of His power in our lives.

Be a witness! We share our stories! What have we seen? We have the power

We all have Jesus the Anointed One who is in us! How do the gift of spirit works in us?

This word Power. Inherit power! Holy Spirit working in us can be released. Performing miracle power!

Moral power and excellence of soul.

Power for riches and wealth. Power as business people. The presence of God flows in us in all situation

When we are a born again flowing with spirit. We can handle billions of dollars and handle countries.

Filled with the spirit for business and arts.

Renew my mind and anchor my heart for the truth of the Word.

Holy Spirit guides us and wants to help everyone of us.

As a paramedic, Pastor Leon (before he was a pastor) when he believed miraculous power, he saw miracle after miracles take place.
He was asked to go into operating theatre to pray for a lady who did not allow anyone to operate for her until Pastor Leon prayed for her.
The lady was healed before the doctor could operate on her!!

The Holy Spirit will show us things of the future and show us what to avoid!

Sense the holy spirit when he said no to us, follow Him.

He shows us things we don’t know. He will guide us and lead us.

He wants to flow through us and help others too!

He was speaking to a group of teenagers. He sensed from God to pray for miracles. All of of a sudden a lady was screaming. She had her legs healed and aligned!
Another lady abuse herself and was demonic oppressed. She cut herself on her body scars and words that are demonic. When pastor prayed, she all the words in her body disappeared and she is healed of her demonic thoughts!

Somebody recognise that people needs the Lord!

If anyone stands out to you in the crowd, holy spirit wants you to speak to the person.

Be contemporary and cool and not speak to the person in weird way.

He spoke to that person in the crowd, that the holy spirit asked him to. That person said his wife was waiting to die in the hospital. He prayed for his wife and his wife was healed

Pastor is a coach. They are to equip the saints as players in the ground.

We can be cool and relevant and never compromise.

Wherever you go, holy spirit is inside us! Is the power of God that help us.

Our fear cannot contaminate our holy spirit.

All we need to do is to sense Him.
Sense and know things. When we pray is the presence of God gives us miracles in life.

Don’t be unaware of the spiritual gift.
Must understand the spiritual. Don’t be ignorance of the spiritual.

Is crucial we are are not ignorant.
Make up our minds to read the scripture and be aware this power is for us

1 Corinthians 14:1
Chapter 14
Prophecy and Tongues
Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

Pursue love and desire earnestly! Seeking and on fire! Don’t pursue the gift, pursue love!

Pursue love and desire earnestly for holy spirit to flow in our lives

Desire earnestly the best gift.

Working of miracles
The best gift is the one we need in the situation we are in

Holy spirit is within us and He gives us strength in us.

Holy Spirit is within us if we give Him our lives.

Holy Spirit is not just to show you you are righteous and loved. The third things is the enemies have been judged. Therefore people needs the Lord.

We sense the holy spirit.
3 voices –
Presence of God

Spiritually alive. Feel with His presence. Desire earnestly! Do in a way that is cool contemporary and people will love Jesus!

God wants to use us in a special way.

Holy spirit will guide us raise us and help us with everything in the world. Sometimes we forget He is there.

If u r here and u have pain in the body, something in your body you need a miracle in your body, pls stand to your feet.
The language of holy spirit is not emotion. Is simply a faith. A believing.

How many right now the pains are completely gone?

There are instant miracles and recovery.

Instant miracles and recovery takes time.

Be normal, cool and contemporary. Is not compromising.

See what the Lord will guide us.

As He is so are we in this world.
Lets start renewing our mind and believing God for miraculous power!

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