Sermon note (11th Sept)By Pastor Prince
God has gone before you! He is your rearguard!
Praise God, thank God for Psalm 91. Everyone of you who put your trust in Christ, you dwell in the secret place of the most High, under the shadow of the Almighty. 
It has been 15 years since 911 happened. We were in church when 911 happened. We thought it was plank. But it was not. It was really an attack. The world has never been the same ever since. 

911 is Psalm 91:1 
When asked any jewish person which is the psalm of protection, it is Psalm 91. 

It has protection day and night, even by timing. 

The terror by days, or the terror by night. God will cover you with His feathers, under His Wings you will take refuge. Even promises long life. With long life He will satisfied us. We decide what is long life for us. What is long life for you is not the same as another person. 
There are something you do, can shorten or add to your life. 
There is no such thing as anointed time to die. The time is decided by you. That is bible. Does not means people are living that way out. 
The book on Protection that is launched today, 911! 
The answer is found in His protection. 

Everything that is manmade they all can fail. God can never fail. God knows the end from the beginning. 
This earth is a fallen world. Man is a fallen creation. 
It is not God’s will for death, or for man to grow old and die. 
God called death an enemy. Have you thought of that before?
Jesus wept in the funeral. He was crying at the fact that His Father has beautiful plan for man, a mind that is balanced, sound, not given to depression. 
We are looking at a world that is fallen. When God made this world, God created man with free will. 
If i use my power subtly to stop man from doing wrong thing, and i create man to be free agent, than i have made them injustice 
Of all the things man can freely eat, man chose from the tree that God stopped man from eating. 
For the sake of integrity, God must give us exercise choice. 
God has to work with free choice of man. Thank God it is not over.
A woman does not have seed, man has seed. At that point was talking about Jesus’ birth. 
There is spiritual battle going on. They are spiritual being. 
Jesus was tempted 3 times by satan himself but He did not bow down. 
It is not our obedience that makes us righteous. His obedience makes us righteous 
It is not we can have it today and be gone tomorrow. 
If i can answer every questions i have in my head about God, i am god!
Jesus is God’s Son who bring the brightness of His glory. 
The express image of His Person. 
You want to see God, look at God’s glory in Jesus!
Jesus came and became visible. 
He is the exact express image of God. 

Jesus is the exact express image of God. 
Jesus touched the leper and immediately he was cleared. 
Jesus is the express image of God. 
With what little they have, Jesus fed them. God does not like us to be hungry 
God wants us healthy. 
Gold outside, Gold within (the wood in between). Completely man, completely God!
He who was once crowned with crown of thorns, crown us with His glory. 
Uploading all things by the work of His power. 

Mercy seat is Him purging our sins in His blood. 
He is right to sit down because He has done a perfect work in purging our sins. 
When Jesus came, He finished His work and He sat down. 
Last week we saw the ark of the covenant, God brought them through the red sea
Jesus brought the law not just outward but inward as well. 
If you hate someone in your heart you have murdered. 
We make the law as if it is something we can keep. 
If the mirror shows ugly, we cannot blame the mirror. It reflects accurately. 
When man boasted it does not mean they will end up keeping the law.
The strength of sin is the law.

When you put yourself under grace, holiness becomes attractive. 
In fact the more you try to keep the law, sin becomes irresistible. 
Trying to keep your diet is a sure formula for failure. Once your diet stop, you will eat more than you should!
Jesus is the mercy seat. He is the Ark of Covenant. 
The wood used is immune to all kinds of diseases. 

Wood is a type of man 
The wood speaks of Jesus’ humanity. As God, we cannot comprehend Him. We are different level. Jesus became a Man so that this wooden box will be overlaid with gold. 
Jesus is 100% Man 100% God. 

We feel thirsty He felt thirsty. All human emotions Jesus felt it but without sin. 
Jesus lived among us. He came down and born into merger. 
Only the poor brings dove. God will take what man can to reflect His Son. 
Joseph did not stay poor because Jesus was there. They became wealthy. The wise men came when He was 2 years old. 
The ark of covenant, you see 2 items. The first mention of the ark is in Genesis. 

When Joseph died he was put into coffin and that coffin is the word Ark!
If you bring the ark out, everyone will die. 
2 tablets of stones is inside the mercy seat. 

Blood on the mercy seat!
All it takes is just drop of blood! The secret place, under the wings of the Almighty! 
God’s eyes can see through walls and mountains and valleys below. Everything is open to Him. Only one thing He can’t look through, that is blood. The blood is over the tablet of stones. 
If you try to keep the law you fall from grace.

Gal 5
Grace is higher than the law. Mercy rejoices over judgement. 
God wants the ark, the mercy seat to cover man’s rebellion
All the 12 tribes bring their rods. When you cut the branch from the tree, there is no life! But Aaron’s rod budded! It speaks life from dead! 
Manna – rain bread from heaven. Jesus is the Bread of Life! This is true bread! When man eat of this bread, you shall live forever!
Everytime you take communion, remember that. 
When God told Adam and Eve, dying you shall die. This dying is reversed. The bread He gives we shall live forever!
The blood of Jesus speaks much better thing than the blood of Abel
Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. 
There is no way the blood of bull can takes away sin. In the OT, it was cover, not take away. 
The blood speaking blessings for His people. When God looks at us, He looks at us with mercy and love. Not judgement. 
Angels are desiring to look into the beauty and glory of salvation. The Son of God did not die for fallen angel. 
Visual aid. Don’t get distracted with visual aids. 

The real ark of the covenant came! His name is Jesus!
Solomon hid the ark. The real ark has come! Jesus!
The temple did not have the ark when Jesus was on earth. Because Jesus was outside healing the sick and restoration! Jesus is the Ark!
It is the Person and the Work of Jesus!

The cross was not an invention during Moses time. 
When David prophesied before cross was invented! 

The cross is the place where all the attributes of God met! God has unbending holiness. God is love! God love, righteousness can be seen at the cross. You want a judge that can judge
We want a just judge. A judge, the Person, the Being is Love!
Jesus was carrying our sins. He was punished, He was judged. He was cursed that we may be blessed!
At the cross you see God’s love. Is not us bearing the judgement. God provided His Son Jesus to bear for us. 
The way the tribes camped, you see the cross. 
Our comfort is God does not see our sins, but see the blood!
Everything described about the ark are all humanised. 
The ark was mentioned first. God starts from inside to outside. 
The place of protection. Listening about protection is the first step to protection. 
The currency of heaven is faith. You cannot buy God’s blessing with money. We show God our faith

You don’t only get teaching you get washed. 

In the world full of bad news we need to hear good news. 
Testimony from a man in Washington. 

While working as a window washer, he would listen to Pastor Prince sermon, truth from Psalm 91. He will replay them all over again. 
One week 2 accidents happened. He was helping his boss and a piece hit his corner of eyes but he was ok after 2nd day. 
The 2nd accident he fell from roof about 18 feet and yet he was not injured and not sore ! 
He listened and listened to the Word of God! Protection!
Testimony from a lady who committed adultery. Her church leader told her she would lost salvation if she continued. Yet she still continued her adultery 
She received the gift of no condemnation when she heard Pastor Prince sermon. She can now be out of adultery. She sees herself the way God sees her. No condemnation and she go and sin no more!
God helped the priests when they were carrying the ark by the pole. My yoke is easy and my burden is light! 
Easy, light. 
God helped the priest. 

When God tells us to do, He will take care of the rest. 
Don’t do things for money. Do what you love. 
When the ark is travelling, the ark is not exposed. Blue – heaven. High priest rode is blue. 
Healing in His wings. 

The word blue
This whole thing is covered with the finished work. 
Blue covering. Beyond the blue is Jesus!

See Jesus. Blue look up! Be heavenly minded. 
Focus on Jesus at the cross. 
When you see the ark, put your eyes on Jesus!

Look away from man. 

Look away from everyone but Jesus
This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased. In the lowest place of Israel. In the highest place of Israel. These are the two places God told Jesus He is His beloved Son
When u go into River Jordan, is the place of death. The ark, the picture of Jesus is the first one who went to the place of death. He went down to the death for us. The water stood still. The giant in Jericho was afraid. 
Everything that came from Adam, God slapped back the judgement all the way to Adam!

Adam was besides destress. All his distresses were all pushed back and reversed!
Israel never touched the water because the water was opened already. Israel walked on dry ground. 2000 cubit
It is our generation! 

How fast will you go when u know u never die anymore? Death will be destroyed. Jesus conquered death! The ark go in first than the people. 
All Israel cross over on dry ground. No one left behind! 
When Jesus saves, He saved eternally. 
Jesus is the first in your situation and the last one out!
Officers lead from the front. When they said follow me it means follow me. 
As leaders we possess our possession. Anything not working, we ask ourselves where are we missing it. Ask Jesus what we are missing it, don’t blame the people. 
The Lord wants to be in the centre. Where 2 or 3 gather, there I am, in the midst. 
When He rose from the dead, He appeared in the upper room, in the midst of the disciples. 
The Father wants us to put Jesus at the midst in our marriage. Forget ourselves, we have Jesus. 
Jesus is the third party in our marriage, our career, our studies. 
Whenever there is trouble, the Ark will be the first one in! To seek a resting place for us!
God will go before us and prepare for us!
God can be in anyplace!

He will be in front of us to clear the way!!
God will be our rearguard!!
People don’t thank God until we see God heals us. However sometime a condition tried to go to you, and stopped before you know. 

The truth were known, we have not thank God enough. 
He has gone ahead of us and straighten the road before us. 
God has gone ahead of us and check out for us before we go ahead. He go before us
Don’t worry about what comes from behind. Our job is to focus the front. We are meant to go ahead!
God will go before me, and be our rearguard!
Exodus 18

Angel of God – a representative of Jesus in this case. 
A pillar of cloud went before them and stood behind them. To protect the children of Israel. 

Cloud of darkness to Egyptian. 
In the world of darkness, we can have light!!
Israel had light in their dwelling. That light must be supernatural! The light in our family is super natural light! We can have light in our dwelling! When the world gets darker, we have light in our dwelling!!
The path of the righteous becomes brighter and brighter!!
God is the first One leading them!
Every morning know that the Lord has gone ahead of you!!
The sheep follows Him for they knows His voice. 
The ark of Noah, when God told them to come in, He said Come into the ark. He was inside the ark! “Go out of the ark.” God was the last one out. 


No where in the bible said you have to learn to follow His voice. 
You don’t have to teach the sheep how to follow His voice. They hear His voice and they follow Him. 
The baby don’t need to be taught the “7 steps” to follow his mummy’s voice. 
We should be thanking God everyday we follow His voice. 
We will by no means follow the stranger voice. 

We will know inside of us (holy spirit). The presence of life or the absence of it.  
Is a strange voice when we hear something that is not of Him. 
When the Lord is your Shepherd, that means you are following Him. Effectively hearing His voice. When we listen to His voice, we will have lack of nothing! 
Do you have faith? 

He who doubt because he does not eat from faith. Whatever not of faith is sin. 
There is therefore now no condemnation for those who believe in Christ. 
God does not want us to have disease with the world. 
It is nonsense if u say u don’t condemn yourself for adultery. That is stupid 
God wants us to eat because we are hungry. Not eat for the sake of eating. 
Eat slowly and enjoy what God has given. Focus on Him. 
What is good for one person may not be good for you. 
Eat what is sufficient. Do you know honey has more sugar than sugar?
The principle of God is not dieting. Usually when you don’t watch it, after you stop your diet, it comes back with revenge. 

When people are starving, metabolism rate slow down. When you are on diet, your body think it is starving. 
Jesus fed the people until they were filled. When they are full. Get back in touch with hunger and know when you are hungry. 
Your body condemn itself. Auto immune diseases. Is when your own body fight against itself. When you eat the cheese cake, you condemn yourself you should not eat it. Your body starts to condemn itself and fight the good cells.
When you eat your favourite food, slowly eat and enjoy until you are satisfied and put aside. Don’t need to finish it if you are satisfied!
Give God thanks!
After hiking, you arrive at your camp or hotel. You are given titbits or healthy food, when you are really hungry, you will know which to go for!
Is ok to eat during time of celebration. 

Eat in faith. 
Once you get full, acknowledge that!!

The Japanese eat slowly, course after course. 
Jesus is in you, when you follow the ark, you are in the right path. 
Follow Jesus!

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