Gift that cost Him dearly.

Gift of righteousness is paid for us by Jesus so that we can get this gift!
Jesus took every stroke, stroke by stroke, pulled his skin out..He did not stop receiving the stroke and struggled to get up to receive much until as i watched the movie Passion Of Christ, i asked Him to remain down. But He still stood up and continue for all the stroke to rip His flesh off…

By His stripes, we are healed! This is what He was doing for!
Jesus did all these for you and me!

Lets not frustrate the grace (unmerited favor) of God, lets not let Jesus die in vain!
For if by grace, it is no longer work, otherwise grace is no longer grace. Jesus’ complete work is complete! He shouted it is finished!

Lets receive His grace (unmerited favor) depend on His grace and lets reign in life with the blessing of righteous manifest in our lives!

(Romans 11:6, Gal 2:21, Isaiah 53:5)

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