Sermon note (hokkien svc)Mooncake festival
You are here because your friends love you. 

Jesus loves you. 
Jesus came to the world
No one seen God. 

Jesus came to the world to let us see Him. When we see Him we see God 
Jesus came to the world, He said Sun, Air, birds, fields, all natural for us to see. God who is behind all these creation is for us. 
The sunshine shines on the bad and the good people. 
Why God cannot differentiate good and bad people? Why shine on the good and bad? Why the bad people, God also give sunshine?
He came to the world to let us know what He is like. 
The morale of this world, you get punished for the bad and you get rewards for the good. 
Think think. If God want to punish bad, than when you quarrel with ur wife, He will punish you and don’t give you air, do you want Him do that?
God is love. 

He came to the world to tell us a story. 
A master hired all workers to work in the field. 

Morning, afternoon and 5pm also asked them come. 6pm give salary. 
Jesus shared this story. He said all the salary from morning to night, all same salary. 
Why is it so strange? They should earn more when they work more. 
But what reason did Jesus give?

He said He wants to give those who work 1 hour same salary. The reason is He is generous. 
Jesus story of a son who took his inheritance and spent all and than come back to him. His father run to his son when he came back. Instead of giving him a tight slap, he gave his son a big hug. Give his son beautiful clothes, ring and party. As if whatever he did wrong, he did not see. 
What is the morale of this story?
God’s concept and ours is different. 
In this world, is what bad you do, you get punish. 
God’s concept is He gives to us all. He gives us sunshine, rain, air and whatever we need. He wants us to know, God loves us. 
God so loved the world, He gave His Son
Is it fair? How can God loves the bad?

But God love the world. He wants to save us and to be fair, He gave His only Son, Jesus. No sin to replace sinners. No sin at all. In order to give us eternal life, Jesus came to replace us. 
Love at the cross. 
Think of the testimony of Kenn. He said he dunnoe how to take care of his wife. He said he worked 30 years and all in mess. He said he has so much problem. He drank and smoke. He goes home so late. We, as human, we see him so messy we will say he deserved it. 
Kenn saw his friend, the eyes brighten up after baptism. 
Kenn was drunk, went to church, knee down to Jesus. Jesus, the One he heard, is Someone full of grace. 

Jesus heard Kenn. He transformed Kenn’s life. 
Today, the one who feel you don’t deserve it the most, Jesus wants to give you freely!!
Jesus loves you. Jesus gives grace. You just need to receive. 
Kenn’s family’s condition was supposed to be broken into pieces. He was broke after all hospitalisation. He did not go for any music classes. God gives him favor. All the famous artists go to Kenn to ask him write songs!
God wants to come and give you life and life more abundantly. 
Kenn asked God to open door for him!

God made all the famous artists automatically look for him!! 
God gives Kenn freely!
Kenn is not the first. He was given the best reward and above all the music “heroes”
God loves us with no condition!

He don’t want us to die. He wants to give us eternal life!
When we think back, i am so bad, will Jesus hear me?
Kenn saw his wife scream and scream. He saw how is it possible? But he saw Jesus. He knows Jesus is here to save!
No matter what wrong you have done, Jesus came to give you life and to save you!
He is here to save us and replace us

He take away all our curses! 
Jesus loves us. No matter how bad our situation is, Jesus sure come and save us!
Kenn knee down and pray. No matter how bad the situation is, when he prayed, Jesus came to help. The Lord spoke to Kenn’s wife, “this is love”
If you are not peaceful, no matter what you do, there is no success. 
Have confidence. Have confident of God’s love for you. Open your heart for Jesus to come in. 
How did Kenn’s life transform? Jesus transformed his life. He came to Jesus and Jesus transformed his life!
Whatever sickness you have, let Jesus save you!
Jesus did not just save, He gave Kenn’s wife more than that! His wife had cancer at 18 years old and very little possibility of having baby. However Jesus blessed them with 3 children!
In the bible, Abraham did wrong. When he prayed, when he was at the worst, he asked God to save him! God heard him and save him!
God wants us to be grateful. Before Pastor Mark received Christ, his temper was very bad. He spoke very loud. He thought he speaks loud he won. 
Now he received Christ, he was bad, yet he can pray for good people. 
No matter how bad you see yourself, you come to Jesus, He can save you. Only Jesus, He came, He bled, He sacrificed Himself to save us. His love, revealed to us, to save us!
Leave this place, God prepare a place for us in heaven. 
Jesus said no matter what time you come to Him, He still bless us. 
Jesus wants to give us freely. 
Today, no matter you are young or old, He still save you! He save you, not 90%, but 100%!!
God wants to give you. Now is your choice, to receive Him. 

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