Worship Encounter NightBy Pastor Lawrence
His name means Saviour. All of us in our lives we go thru difficult situation. He who is your Saviour He is here tonight. He loves to save u and has the power to save u!!
We are here to worship Him. We are here to encounter Him. But do u know He wanna encounter us. He has seen everything in our lives and He knows everything 
God cannot forsake u. He has sworn in His word He never leave u nor forsake u
Our God is a God of miracle. Nothing is impossible for Him. 
U can hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

He alone will save you. 
The victory is not earned by our own strength. Can u really save yourself? Who can save u? Only He can save u. Only Jesus can save u. 
Ask and u shall receive. Seek and u shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto u. Whoever ask shall receive. Whoever knock it shall be opened unto Him. 
If u been evil u know how to give good gifts to ur children, how much more will He gives good gifts to those who ask of Him
The same love that u love ur children, ur wonderful Father loves u with a greater love. He cares for u. His heart is thinking of us every single moment. 
As much as the sand on the seashore, our Father thinks of us 
God He who is holy, He who is alone is good. 
God loves u. God cares for u. We cannot explain it. 
Ask and u shall receive. 
Receive mercy and find grace in times of our needs. 
We know His blood has cleansed us. We can receive mercy and grace to help us in times of our needs. 
Fear of the Lord – Worship of the Lord

We fear Him because there is forgiveness 
The curse has been removed. We have been redeemed. 
God is not angry with u. God will not put a curse in your life. 
We worship Him because of the cross. 

Jesus loves us 
Who would die for me?

Who would send His only Son to die for me?

God did. Today i know He loves me and i want to worship Him. 
Jesus paid the ultimate price for u. He loves u with the everlasting love. 
Luke 22:42

saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.”
It was a difficult choice for Jesus to make. 
Luke 22:44

And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.
He was in tremendous stress when He sweat blood. His love was demonstrated when He went to the cross!

He loves you my friend!
Today u need to know God is for you!

Your God will fight the battle for you. 

Have no fear! Look to Him!

Keep ur eyes on Him!
There is no fear in love. 

Perfect love cast out every fear. 

Knowing He loves us we wanna worship Him. 
We wanna worship Him in every good things He has done for us. 

There is forgiveness with Him
He loves u with an everlasting love!

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