Chinese Sermon Note

Pastor Mark

Only when you hear God’s Word, all will be changed.

Your life you are in control

When you are born again, your life is different.

Even though your lifestyle externally did not change, but our souls destination is what we are concern.

Our bodies is in this earth. When we are born again, we don’t die. We as believers we sleep. When we sleep we will be awake. When we are awake we wake up in heaven.

We are born again as children of God.

We are away from hell and punishment. Jesus has taken for us

No one can escape

Jesus loves us. He came to earth to save us.

God loves man and even sent us His Son

God opened heavenly door for us through Jesus so that we can enjoy His blessings.

We go into His ℓσνє.

Lie in His bosom is heavenly.

Even though our external is the same, but our souls are reborn

Jesus is the world light. We belong to Jesus

We know whatever happen on earth we can rest assured He has settled for us.

Jesus has conquered all for us

Jesus’ name means Saviour

He loves us deeply without condition.

We know whatever situation we are facing, He is in control for us

Whatever we listen will affect us

We are in the world but not of the world. We are set apart by God

When we listen His Word, we will receive from God His blessing

Whatever problem we face, we know problem is not big, Jesus is the biggest

Jesus tell us to rest assure, He will take care for us

We are conscious that Jesus is with me

So we don’t need to be afraid

Jesus loves me. This is so important to be in our heart

Jesus is Lord of life

When we face problem, say to ourselves, don’t be afraid, I have Jesus

We belong to Jesus. All our problems are not big, Jesus is the biggest.

Our hearts must believe Jesus loves us

Only those who believed in Christ are victorious

Jesus came not to punish us but to save us.

We can rest assured

The more you believe Jesus loves you, you are not in bad luck

Faith overcome feeling

Even though you listen doctor’s report, if you keep staying at home and listen to doctor’s report, you will be miserable.

When we keep asking ourselves why why, we cannot think through and we are miserable.

Listen to God’s Word, what we listen can change our life

What we hold tightly to, is very important. If we hold tightly to doctor’s bad report, we are doomed.

Hold tight to God’s Word and proclaim.

Proclaim God’s Word in our lives.

Jesus overcame death for us. He died and resurrected !

We choose to believe Jesus and depend on Jesus and stand up.

When we hold on to God’s Word, we will be released of our problems.

I believe and i speak

Our lives is prosperous

Our future, Jesus has given us abundant life

When there is sunlight, go out and walk. Walk with Jesus

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