[Chewing…Devotional 🤤🙌🏼]

Jesus came down from the mountain ⛰

Jesus came down from above to be fully Man and He is fully God! He came down from where He was to seek us! 😱♥️☺️

A leper came and worshipped Him and said to Lord, if you are willing, make me clean.

Leper was not supposed to be outside at that time. It is a very scary disease that will spread to whoever touches him.

The disease in this person eat him up day by day and even disfigure him.

He has lost all hope because nothing can help him in natural. He surrendered himself to Jesus ! He knew Jesus could, but he did not know if Jesus is willing.

Leper is a picture of sin. We were sinners with sin eating us up day by day…we did not know if He is willing…

Jesus came down from mountain
He came down from heaven to seek us!

Jesus put out His hand and touched him!
Wait! Jesus touched him! Will the disease spread to Him? No! Jesus’ holiness (set apart) spread to te leper!

Jesus said I am willing, be cleansed!

Jesus came down from heaven to clean us!

And how long it took for the leper to be cleansed?
Immediately❗️ Immediately his leprosy was cleansed!

Jesus came down from heaven to put the broken pieces of us together! We did not know we need Him. We did not know we need a Saviour and He came down to piece us back into wholeness!

No scar! Whatever He restores is much better than before! Ashes for beauty He has restored us!

Jesus did not come down to punish us for our sins. He came down to be sin for us and to absorb our punishment on Himself! Himself He took our sins on the cross!

See 👁 what is next after Jesus healed the leper

Someone who is paralyzed, dreadfully tormented.
Are we in some condemnation that we are paralyzed? Lying at home dreadfully tormented?

Speak a Word and my servant will be healed (v8)

Jesus came to save us and in Him there is now no condemnation! Condemnation is the root of fear, tormenting us. Jesus came and He said a word and we are healed !

As we have believed let it be done for us!

Jesus know our secret shame (that leads to condemnation) but He said He is willing and be healed!

Jesus did not come to punish us! He came to fulfil the law. What we cannot do, He came and do for us!

His love is illogical. He is love is crazy! 🤣😍😘
He loves us with His life! He restores us much more than we were.

Ashes for beauty! 😱🙌🏼

Throw ourselves and surrender ourselves to Jesus! Give all our ashes to Him and He shall restore them into beauty in Him!

(Matt 8:1-13, 5:17)

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