Wow picture of Jesus and us!
Hosea means salvation
Gomer means completion

Hosea was an Israelite prophet. He heard from God and share God’s messages. He preached a lot about God’s love. (Ref : Book : Life Is)

One day He heard God’s message to him.
Go take yourself a wife of harlotry 😨😱

This is shocking for a prophet to do so.
He went ahead to follow God’s message and married Gomer.

Their first son God said to call his name Jezreel.
Jezreel means God will sow.

Wow you see 👁 something?

Hosea – Salvation
Gomer – Completion
Jezreel – God will sow

God sent His Son Jesus, He completed the work! Salvation was completed by God Himself who sent Jesus! God sow!

God has mercy on the house of Judah

Judah – Praise 🙌🏼

He will save by the Lord God, not by sword or battle God save mankind not by physical sword or battle. He saved mankind by Jesus Himself.

Hosea chased after Gomer even when she was not “worth it”
She went back to be harlot and abandoned their children

We are so underserved. We are not as “righteous” as we may think we are.
Love chases! Jesus still came and chase after us.

Wow! See 👁 this!
Valley of Anchor as a door 🚪 of hope!

Jesus is our Anchor. He is our door of hope!

You will call Me “My Husband”
And no longer call Me “My Master”

We are no longer a slave! Jesus came. Love came to chase after us. Made us His bride 👰!

Hosea bought his wife Gomer from her captivity.
Gomer would have condemnation and felt ashamed when Hosea found her and bought her back. Expecting all the bad that could happen to her.

Yet a twist happened. Hosea renewed his vow, restored the marriage (Hosea 3:3)

Jesus did not come to condemn us.
He came to restore and complete us!

Love 💖 chases us.

(Hosea 1, 2:15-17, 3, Book : Life Is)

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