[Chewing…Devotional 🙌🏼🤤]

Jesus is our firstness in life.

Firstness means the quality of being first, precedence

What and who we consider first when we have challenges? Whoever and whatever we consider first, it is more than the challenge we face.

When we face a health crisis, do we consider the doctor’s report first and what is say is more than your sickness.

What if we change who we consider first?
Change to consider Jesus first and He is more!

Jesus is more than our darkness moments in our lives

Jesus is our firstness! He precedent all dark moments. He is more than our darkness in lives. He is light!

Consider Jesus first and He is more!
More than what we see in our financial. He is first and has gone ahead of us and said it is good!

Jesus said Do not be afraid.
When we are afraid is because we do not know what is ahead of us or we seemingly know and scare of what is to come.
Jesus said don’t be afraid, He is our firstness!
Consider Jesus first and He is more !

Jesus prepared what is ahead of us.
He told His disciples, after He has been raised, He will go before them to Galilee.

Go before! He has prepared ahead !
Do not be afraid. He has gone before us in our situation!

Beloveds 💖, lets consider Jesus first! He is our Firstness and He is more! He has gone before us and He has the last say in our lives! Consider Jesus’ reports!

(Rev 1:8,17, Mark 14:28, Book : Life Is)

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