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Act 1: What is of God & What is not?

Holiness vs sinfulness

Righteousness vs sinfulness

Fear vs faith

Life vs death

Truth vs lie

ℓσνє vs hate

Health vs sickness

Grace vs works of men (flesh)

Peace vs worry

Forgiveness vs un forgiveness

Creation vs destruction

Breakthrough vs break down

Joy vs fear

Goodness vs wickedness 

Promotion vs striving 

Provision vs lack

Praise vs curse

Kindness  vs wickedness

Strength vs weakness

Contentment vs covetousness 

Joy vs sorrow

Wisdom vs foolishness 

Good vs bad

Blessing vs curse

Provision vs Poverty  (streets of gold)

Carnivorous animals 

Rest? Babies? Jobs?

We continue believe we are healed, our youth are renewed like eagles. 

When earth was not fallen, God gave Adam and Eve’s job to tend the garden. Job is not a fallen thing. 

Babies are of God. Babies are a gift of God. They are heritage from the Lord. God has entrusted their lives to your hands. 

God breathed into men. God gives heartbeat 

Act 2: Which Tree?

Tree of knowledge of good and evil?

Tree of Life? 

There was only 1 commandment in the Garden

Not eat from Tree of knowledge of good and evil 

There is also 1 Commandment in the New Garden

Eat from the Tree of Life

All have fallen, eat only from that one Tree. Only way to heaven, through Jesus 

Don’t forsake the Tree of Life

  1. Attend church
  2. Reading the bible only when preparing a message
  3. Hear Him, drink from Him
  4. Service must come out of rest 

Rest is it a law or grace? 

Lazy is not rest. 

Spirit directed rest

4th commandment –

Thou shall obey the Sabbath

Sabbath is rest. Rest is in the law

Noah (Grace) found rest

We work to enter His rest. 

Both the law and grace, rest is mentioned. Physical law. Every 7 years there is renewal 

The Fruit

  1. The world sees the fruit. But is the source that supplies
  2. Our source is out of this world
  3. Tithe to show Jesus is our source. The lesser is blessed by the better. You want to bless God? Or do you want God to bless you?
  4. GEP and the Uno game (Nature or Nurture?)
  5. APOSTLE Peter’s blessings were practical to him (Fishes)
  6. What you put in His hands prospers. Your ears, youth, money, etc? Matt 20 (did not come to be served but to serve)

We tithe we are saying(proclaim) Jesus lives! The less cannot bless the greater. 

The greater bless the lesser. 

You cannot bless God. Only God can bless you. Our part is to receive. Take from Him. He wants to your Father, Blesser. 

Is it nature or nurture? Supernatural. Super nurturer (God will place in our hearts when we are called to steward)

Our blessings are from God. 

Whatever you are believing God for, pray to Him

Peter did not catch anything and Jesus asked to use his boat. And Jesus blessed Peter with load of fishes! Your blessing will be practical.  

The tree of life has its fruits. 

Whatever you put in His hands will prosper. Your years, your youth. 

Give to God your youth and He will give you back your youth. 

Whatever healing you need, declare and you will have it. 

The memory of the righteous shall be blessed does not refer to our memory. It refers after you go heaven, you will be remembered. 

I have the mind of Christ! This refers to our memory. 

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